Feb. 15th, 2012 03:38 pm
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Welcome to Zines (not mags)! This community is for all kinds of discussion about (paper) zines, whether they be SF fanzines, punk zines, political zines, perzines, cookzines, critzines, and so on and so on. This community is not the place for discussion about glossy magazines (hence "not mags"), nor is it the place for discussion of e-zines -- unless it's a magazine or an e-zine about (paper) zines.

Why is "paper" in parentheses in that 1st paragraph? While the community's focus is driven by our old-school preference for paper zines, we also realize that these days the idea of a traditional paper zine may be more in theory than in practice sometimes. For example, your SF fanzine may be a paper zine in spirit, but in practice it's actually a PDF at eFanzines.com. All conversation about zines that are paper either in practice or in spirit is perfectly welcome!

Other than the focus on (paper) zines, the sky's (almost) the limit on zine-related posts around here -- ask questions, promote your project, point out interesting zine news, share your favorite resource. Just a few guidelines for now:
  • Please limit your promotional posts to only once a month. No spamming!
  • Keep your bigotry to yourself. At the least, we may call you on it; at the most, an admin may remove your post.
  • A post that is completely off-topic for this community will be removed.

Any questions? Something you'd like me to clarify? Leave a comment here!
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