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'Cipher' #2 (cover)I'll break the ice with an awkward promo post.

My most recent zine came out 18 months ago, but i haven't really promoted it anywhere and so it still feels new to me.  I do Cipher zine, the most recent of which is #2.  The table of contents is:
  • poem
  • prologue
  • the (not so) invisible piano
  • dance of the potato dumpling fairy
  • Cinderella takes herself to the ball
  • wordnerdery! — apparatus
  • poems
  • food of my people: vepro-knedlo-zelo (minus vepro)
  • student, interrupted
  • epilogue a: enjambment
  • epilogue b: finis
  • poem
You can read an excerpt at my website.  It's about $2 and, since i also run a distro, is only available in the Crabby Media store.  Cipher #1 is also still in print and available.

Oh, um, and yes, i also run (with [personal profile] raanve) Crabby Media, which is a distro, an information hub, and a discussion forum for all things zine-related.  As a distro, we specialize in "Resource materials for zinemakers and D.I.Y. publishers — zines about zines and zine-making techniques, zine history, zine culture and community."  Crabby Media is based in Seattle, so you may have seen me tabling at the Portland Zine Symposium or at Short Run.
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