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It's such a tired cliche to spout something about how you haven't read any good zines in forever & back in the day things were different, etc. etc. Though the truth is, I've been drifting away from zines for a while now & I feel like part of that is that fewer of the types of zines I love are being produced -- that's partly because other zinesters I know are also sort of drifting away, so they're not making zines either!

I like political perzines: intersectional, not laden w/straight-up academic essays or anything like that. Got any recs?

I've been flipping through some zines I got at a zine fest here in London a few months ago & feel v. underwhelmed. Maybe I'm just missing some awesome ones?

Date: 2012-04-04 09:06 pm (UTC)
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I've been thinking about this since you asked it. And i was a little sad to realize that i just haven't had time to read zines lately. Which is just an extension of how little time i've had to read *anything* over the past few years, but i especially miss zines. Probably the thing i've read most recently that i'd recommend is the new Doris anthology, but that seems like such a cop-out!
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