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I've finally mustered up the guts to write my very own perzine, after years of reading and admiring others. Now my only problem is I don't know where to start.

What have you written in your first issue? Do you talk about where you live, where you've grown up, what you love? Long term stuff or in the minute this-is-what-I'm-thinking-about-right-now stuff? How much do you think a reader wants or needs to know about you to be interested in reading your perzine?
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Late last year I made a zine to hand out at Maker Faire: "Playing with Python: 2 of my favorite lenses". That blog entry also includes page-by-page scans and transcripts, process photos, and thank-yous.

Feel free to view it in that blog post, view it as a PDF, or download and print the single US letter-sized sheet of paper and cut and fold it for yourself into an 8-pager! I'm such a fan of the format, because it doesn't require any stapling so it's simpler to reproduce, and because when I'm giving it away to someone they can engage in the process of making it. In 2015 I gave away a bunch of my zines at Maker Faire and passers-by really got into learning how to cut and fold them. In 2016 I remember at least one child coloring her "Quill & Scroll" after folding it, which, my heart just grew three sizes, you know?
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My friend and I made "Quill & Scroll", a children's book-style zine about a hedgehog who runs an all-night bookstore for other nocturnal animals. People call it "adorable". Feel free to view it as a PDF, or download and print the single US sheet of paper and cut and fold it for yourself into an 8-pager!
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I just came across this community and realized I had not yet joined it and let y'all know about "Cat, Dog, and Badger Each Own A Bookstore. They Are Friends." It's 8 pages including illustrations and has a children's-book vibe. At the link you can view it as individual images, read the text as plaintext, and/or download the whole thing to print on one sheet of paper and cut/fold. Enjoy!
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I'm very excited to announce Null & Void, the zine that [personal profile] wrdnrd & I have done talking about our experiences of gender & sort of... growing out of gender, or losing it, or something!

It's 38 half-sized pages of very text-heavy stuff & available for $2.06 plus postage to wherever you are here at Crabby Media. (There's also a full description & cover image there.)

([personal profile] wrdnrd does Cipher zine; I used to do Sisu zine & No History, No Self but have done neither in years. Um, hi, zineland.)

We're also looking for distros in Europe (outside of the UK -- those are easy to find!) that might be good places to send the zine -- please let me know if you have any suggestions!

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It's such a tired cliche to spout something about how you haven't read any good zines in forever & back in the day things were different, etc. etc. Though the truth is, I've been drifting away from zines for a while now & I feel like part of that is that fewer of the types of zines I love are being produced -- that's partly because other zinesters I know are also sort of drifting away, so they're not making zines either!

I like political perzines: intersectional, not laden w/straight-up academic essays or anything like that. Got any recs?

I've been flipping through some zines I got at a zine fest here in London a few months ago & feel v. underwhelmed. Maybe I'm just missing some awesome ones?
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'Cipher' #2 (cover)I'll break the ice with an awkward promo post.

My most recent zine came out 18 months ago, but i haven't really promoted it anywhere and so it still feels new to me.  I do Cipher zine, the most recent of which is #2.  The table of contents is:
  • poem
  • prologue
  • the (not so) invisible piano
  • dance of the potato dumpling fairy
  • Cinderella takes herself to the ball
  • wordnerdery! — apparatus
  • poems
  • food of my people: vepro-knedlo-zelo (minus vepro)
  • student, interrupted
  • epilogue a: enjambment
  • epilogue b: finis
  • poem
You can read an excerpt at my website.  It's about $2 and, since i also run a distro, is only available in the Crabby Media store.  Cipher #1 is also still in print and available.

Oh, um, and yes, i also run (with [personal profile] raanve) Crabby Media, which is a distro, an information hub, and a discussion forum for all things zine-related.  As a distro, we specialize in "Resource materials for zinemakers and D.I.Y. publishers — zines about zines and zine-making techniques, zine history, zine culture and community."  Crabby Media is based in Seattle, so you may have seen me tabling at the Portland Zine Symposium or at Short Run.


Feb. 15th, 2012 03:38 pm
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Welcome to Zines (not mags)! This community is for all kinds of discussion about (paper) zines, whether they be SF fanzines, punk zines, political zines, perzines, cookzines, critzines, and so on and so on. This community is not the place for discussion about glossy magazines (hence "not mags"), nor is it the place for discussion of e-zines -- unless it's a magazine or an e-zine about (paper) zines.

Why is "paper" in parentheses in that 1st paragraph? While the community's focus is driven by our old-school preference for paper zines, we also realize that these days the idea of a traditional paper zine may be more in theory than in practice sometimes. For example, your SF fanzine may be a paper zine in spirit, but in practice it's actually a PDF at eFanzines.com. All conversation about zines that are paper either in practice or in spirit is perfectly welcome!

Other than the focus on (paper) zines, the sky's (almost) the limit on zine-related posts around here -- ask questions, promote your project, point out interesting zine news, share your favorite resource. Just a few guidelines for now:
  • Please limit your promotional posts to only once a month. No spamming!
  • Keep your bigotry to yourself. At the least, we may call you on it; at the most, an admin may remove your post.
  • A post that is completely off-topic for this community will be removed.

Any questions? Something you'd like me to clarify? Leave a comment here!
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